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Raxel One

The implementation of the telematics product by Raxel Telematics will allow insurance companies to offer a unique pricing approach to their customers that will give an opportunity to significantly improve insurance companies’ efficiency.

A distinct feature of Raxel One is the lack of a GPS/ GLONASS module. Therefore, Raxel does not monitor the movement of our partners’ clients.

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Our partners

What parameters\options are analyzed in the scoring model?

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How does it work for the customer

Buy our partner`s auto insurance policy
Set the telematics device
Install a mobile application
Use the application, increasing the rating
Get savings on the cost of auto insurance

Instructions for connecting

Installation of our telematic devices can be made by the customer and takes less than 15 seconds

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Adjust your driving style in order to earn that maximum discount! Leave a request and our specialist will contact you.
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About us and our mission



Individual pricing approach allows you to pay for how you drive (not bad drivers).
Страховым компаниям

Insurance companies

Attractive to responsible drivers and will lead to long-term relationships with business output at a higher level.

The State

Promoting careful driving reduces the number of accidents on the roads.
Usage Based Insurance Usage Based Insurance

By supplementing the list of standard tariff, more tangible factors are directly related to the style of driving the insured vehicle


Fair and honest

Through the establishment of a tariff policy, that will allow customers who drive responsibly and carefully decrease the subsidizing of bad drivers, who use their insurance claims possibilities most often.


The creation of modern software for mobile devices simplifies the customer interaction with their insurance company. Giving the client 100% of the required information, 100% of the time.

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