Telematics solutions for insurance | Case studies

UBI schemes will revolutionize Singapore's motor insurance and influence its future market landscape. We are happy to be in the forefront of this innovation in partnership with Raxel Telematics and its expertise and experience in this field.
We believe your solution will give us a competitive edge while increasing number of new customers and increase a market penetration especially in Asia
Benito Marble
Tokio Marine, VP new opportunities
In the first year of our cooperation with Raxel, we are maintaining a consistent lower loss ratio by 28% compared to ordinary policies.
Anton Riumin
Liberty Mutual, Chief underwriting officer
Raxel owns the advanced technology that enables to build various smart-insurance products, including low premium insurance
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Post-acquisition UBI
On-demand insurance
We provide a game-changing technology to transform insurance market and make insurance touchable
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APP Rental program
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  • Annual maintenance (from 2nd year)
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Telematics SDK
Install our SDK to your existing App and start collects customer's data
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End-to-End solution
Fully customized product (incl.product design and marketing support)
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  • Marketing cost (if applicable)
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